Monday, September 5, 2011

What a BIG boy!

OK, so, I've been horrid about updating my blog, but I promise to try to do better.... Hopefully it will work. LOL

Anyway, on August 19th, 2011, Aiden turned one year old! I still can't believe that my baby is a toddler. Feels like I just had him last week! Where did all the time go. I have absolutely loved this last year, and feel so amazingly blessed to be his mommy! I still can't figure out how I got so lucky to get such an awesome little boy!

In the last year, Aiden has learned how to:
Say FIVE words (Mama, Dada, Dog Dog, Hi, Bye
Sign FIVE words (More, Eat, Milk, All done, Dog)
Raise his arms above his head when we say "TOUCHDOWN!!!"

oh... and He has already figured out that he is a cutie pie, and he flirts with EVERYONE... and I do mean everyone! This kiddo just melts my heart...He is gonna be trouble when he is older!

I know you wall want to see the pics, so here you are:

In one year, my baby went from this....:

...To this:

He loves his swing!!

Touch Down!!!

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